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fun vamps have

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My story is, one day at school I had decided to bring my fake fangs that I had gotten for Halloween that previous year. At lunch, I was just hanging out with some of my friends. We have this weird wall outside that everyone goes behind. Well, I went behind it and, being as morbid and evil as I am (I mean this literally), I just kind of stood there behind the wall, glaring at the people that were above it and stuff. Well, someone I hated came above the wall and I hissed at them. They backed away instantly and everyone started asking me if my fangs were real. I just smirked and answered, "Yes..." People have kind of backed off from bothering me lately. Only a few of my friends know who and what I really am, and they accept it very well, which kinda amazed me.

Contributed by Wings of Blood


In study hall, in my high school, this guy always messes around with me while I'm on the computer. He came up to me one day (and mind you, I wanted blood badly), and started poking me in the cheek. He kept saying that I taste like steak, and stuff like that, so I turned to him and bit his wrist. Needless to say, he freaked out. He came back the next day, and asked if I could do it again.

Contributed by Rayne_Of_The_Night

During the summer, I would sit in my room where it's really dark and play on my computer, only going out to the brightly lit kitchen to get food or drink. One time, when my dad happened to walk into my room, he mentioned how dark it was, and how he thought I was a vampire (kidding, of course). I merely smiled at him and hissed, making him laugh. Later that night, I went to get something to eat. I noticed how the enitire kitchen smelt like garlic, and it was coming from the refrigerator. I asked my dad what it was, and without blinking, he replied, "Eh, your mom's trying to keep you out of the fridge." I still laugh at this, as they still have no idea!!

Contributed by DubDub G

Not too long ago, my school chorus went to a music performance assesment thing where we have to sing for judges and crap like that. Well, the choir I was injust happened to be full of prank playing teens (I completely include myself in that!). Well, this guy happened to bring his fangs with him (not sure if he is a vamp or not) and decided to put them in. After a half an hour of sitting in a hot church-like robe in an auditorium waiting for all of the schools to file in,he decided to have a bit of fun. The chior sitting across from us was obviously making fun of our gold and black outfits, so he gave them a great big smile filled with pearly white fangs. Needless to say, the entire other choir, and others who were watching, turned pale and most asked to leave to go to the bathroom! Our chorus erupted with laughter.

Contributed by Natalie, punkadelicrelic (at)

I'm a highschooling hybrid vampire who has recently awakened. During the midst of confusion and weakness and frustration, I got my little dose of pride of who I am.

I was at work one evening, just as the sun was setting. The shades on the windows at the resturant I work at were not in the right place, so the sunlight penetrated the glass and right into my eyes. I have pretty good tolerance to the sun skin-wise, but my eyes are awful. So I ran to the back and dug into my purse and took out a pair of sunglasses. My boss came out and saw me and broke out with a laugh and asked, "What are you, a vampire?"

I grinned widely and said. "Yes, yes I am." Even though he was laughing, he sort of gave a gasp and said. "Don't play around, I swear you are, look how dominant your canines are." I just snickered and said. "I'll try not to bite you then."

It didn't help that I was sleeping all day and I was late for work. He was curious to why I was still asleep at 4 pm.

Though it was all jokingly, it was nice to be acknowledged.

Contributed by Kiono

I'm in an Auto Mechanics class in my school. My friends in the class know I'm a vampire, but had never seen me drink blood before. I accidentily cut my arm on a truck we were working on. My arm was dripping on the floor and they were staring at it with these looks of horror. So, just to freak them out (and because the sight of the blood was making me thirsty), I brought my arm to my mouth and licked the blood away. Lyndsey, one of the girls, passed out at the sight. The others just backed away. I walked away, laughing. The cut needed stitches, and Lyndsey won't even look me in the eyes since then. She edges away whenever I look at her. I find it quite hilarious, myself.

Contributed by Anonymous

I am a college student in Canada and am also a sang. Last semester, I was best friends with the hottest guy in my class (the other girls made the votes), who also happened to be married. Now, we were just good friends, but that didn't stop one girl from getting on my nerves. Upon seeing me and my friend together, she started telling the class that we were having an affair, obviously out of jealousy. My friend and I found this hilarious. So, one day, we sat outside, waiting for her to show up (he knows I'm a vamp and we both decided to stage this to scare her). She came outside shortly after and, with a flash of fangs (real fangs of course), I flashed a whiplash smile at the jealous girl and moved my lips to my friend's neck, making it look like I was biting him. Her eyes widened in a gut-busting look of disbelief and she managed to fall on her ass as she tried to turn and run back inside! LMAO.

Of course, word got around my fishbowl class about what happened, but all my friend and I had to do was deny it happened and nobody believed the jealous girl. The moral of the story is, no matter how jealous people get of you, all you need to do is scare the shit out of them so they make themselves look worse.

Contributed by Dark Princess

Most of my friends don't know I'm a vampire, so when I do vampire-type things, it freaks them out sometimes.

One day I was at a "gathering" with my friends (basically where we all meet in one place, and act like idiots) and we were in the middle of town, with lots of people around.

Three friends arrived late. One of them is called Hamish (which is also my name), so he said, "Hamish!" and I said, "Hamish", then I started biting him fairly hard on the neck. I got alot of strange looks from my friends, and from starngers, who just happened to be in the area.

After I stopped biting him, my friends thought nothing of it, and everything continued as "normal".

I kept biting my friends on the neck all day. In fact, they became so used to it, that they all begam doing it as well. So, at school, we always get called "Vampire", "Goth" or "Satanist". So, usually, I just grin at them and say, "Yep".

Contributed by Ham

When I was in middle school, there was an annoying boy in my classes. He liked nothing more than to annoy people. He was a pervert and tried to flirt with all of the girls, including me.

During Latin class one day, he sat close to me, too close. I was reading a book, and my bookmark was on the table. He snatched the bookmark, and I simply asked him to give it back. I certainly didn’t want him to dirty it with his grimy hands. He wouldn’t give it back, so I just ignored him.

But that didn’t satisfy him; he continued to annoy me. How? I don’t exactly remember; I think he was just saying things that I didn’t want to hear. The reason why I don’t remember is because something wild and uncontrollable stirred within me, and next thing I knew, I jerked my head to the side to face him and gave him my best glare. (I should mention that I’m usually a nice person, so it’s very unusual for me to glare at people, but I do have a bad temper.) I was only planning on giving him a cold look, but at that moment, my anger built up and came out in a low, mean growl. I think I even bared my teeth. It was all practically a reflex that came naturally to me.

I don’t remember the expression on his face because I was completely blinded by anger. I do recall feeling his fear (if that even makes sense, I’m not psy by the way). My eyes shifted to his hand as he quickly dropped the bookmark on the table. He then jumped off the chair and literally ran to the back of the class. Interestingly enough, no one seemed to notice. Needless to say, he avoided me from then on.


I have strong, long nails, and they’re quite dangerous too. In fact, I’ve accidentally scratched myself before, and the cut was very deep. Well, one night, I was vamping out, and I could not obtain blood, so I entertained myself by painting my nails blood red. The next day at school, a boy in my science class noticed my long, red nails. "Do you use your nails to cut people’s flesh?" he asked me as he made a gesture with his hands as though he were about to cut his arm with his nails. At first, I gave him an odd look, but then I decided to just follow along, and responded, "Yes..." He then said, "And you then eat the people because you’re a cannibal?" I was about to tell him that he’s lost his mind, if he ever had one, but then the thought of blood caused me to become thirsty. I looked at his arm, where he had made the gesture, and a thought occurred to me. Is drinking a person’s blood considered cannibalism? Just to continue with our little game, I smiled and replied, "Yes." I must have given him an odd look because his eyes opened wide and he looked down at his arm and remained quiet.

Contributed by Yeli

My friend, Morgan, and I went to a Chinese restaurant one Sunday. We dressed very vampirically, but still looked nice for the occasion. Morgan sported a pair of vampire fangs that I didn't notice till we got in the car. Well, once we got there, we were minding our own business and this small group of church-goers sat down at the table next to us. My friend and I were still minding our own business, and he cracked a joke about something. I forget what it was about, but he was grinning and showing his fangs, as well. One of the Church-goers saw his fangs and panicked; her husband looked over and just shook his head, but then the entire group got up and moved all the way across the resturant to get away from us. Morgan and I were trying so hard not to laugh! We both are vampires, and fangs are wuite effective if you want people to leave you alone. :D

from Andrew
aberry2002 @

Things that make my little vampy heart sing:

1. Having a fellow vamp as a boyfriend. He understands me so well, and even though he lives far away at the moment, he astral projects in his dreams sometimes. The first time I got so freaked out. I was setting in bed, telling myself I had to sleep for school in the morning. Then I felt this "presence" on the bed to my right. I looked over and about a foot from my face there was this spot where my eyes kept wanting to focus but they wouldn't because there was nothing there, but I put out my hand and it tingled when it touched that spot. We talked the next day and I told him about it and he told me about dreaming he went into a room and laid down beside me in a bed. Trippy, no?

2. Precognitive dreams. I don't know if this is a vamp thing or if it's just stronger because I am, but I have deja vu every single day, and it is tres cool because I know when something important is going down.

3. Taking long walks and runs at midnight and feeling the air around me, and feeling so.... alive!

4. People who eat sixteen pixi sticks for lunch and then sit next to me in class.. *toothy grin* Mmm.. hyperness.

5. Being a total lover of all things Vampiric in media and then having my awakening and thinking, "Ok.. I don't get cool powers, I get alot of disadvantages, and a truckload of differences... but did you say I get to be a vampire?... SWEET!!!"

6. Yoga classes in dark, cool rooms with incence and candles... Ahh.. Feel the meditation-y ness.

7. Playing online D&D at three in the morning and being the only person awake enough to actually play with any quality at all. :P

8. Being called "the normal one" at school. If only they knew... *another toothy grin*

9. Hearing! Better hearing! Gawd, I love being able to tell what folks are whispering about. :P

10. This feeling of all being right with the world that I get when walking about in the middle of the night, well fed and happy, having just seen my sweety and knowing that what I am is good and right and there is a reason for me to be what I am... and to be proud of it.

Contributed by Ki Brightmoon; contact at

Here is a little joke I pulled on a friend of mine.

I had gone out with a few friends to a local Goth club in San Fran. I was tired when I got there from not getting any sleep for nearly two days. (Needless to say, staying up cleaning for nearly 48 hours was a BAD idea!) My best friend, Cal, was joking around with this very nicely painted-up girl at the club. He asked her if she was a real vampire, him not knowing I was. I sat there, listening to my best friend make a complete boob of himself to this girl. The really funny part was she was leading him on, saying she was a vampire. (*wrinkles nose and archs a brow* Like I said, I had been tired, so I was slightly on the grouchy side. Listening to my friend was starting to get on my nerves. The other reason I was slightly grouchy, besides being tired, was the fact that I had gone and had my teeth done. I had new caps put on my canines. I had true fangs again. (Long story short, I had fangs as a child but mum made me have them filed down!) So...I was tired, sore from having my teeth done as well as feeling a bit peckish. *wicked grin*

I turned to my friend, whom had not seen the teeth yet and smiled at the girl next to him, leaning over him so he would not see the fangs. I grinned wickedly at her and purred, "Ahhhhh...well merry met, sister..." The girl turned so pale, that her pale makeup seemed dark on her skin! *LMAO* She stuttered to excuse herself and left. Cal was wondering why she took off until I grinned at him and HE freaked! He yelped and jumped in his seat, making me bust up laughing. He got mad at me, but has since forgiven me. Hell, he even laughs about it now. He warns me now, when we go to the Goth club, NO SMILING WICKEDLY AT THE GIRLS! *giggles*

Contributed by Wendy A.K.A. Absynthe Night

I'm on the Jehovah's Witness's blackballed list here in town for what happened when I was younger. I found out through a friend who was dating one of them. They still tell horror stories eight years later about what happened.

I'm a domme, and once in the middle of a session, there was a knock on the door. I went to answer it, leaving a "pet" of mine strapped down 4-pointed to my living room floor, looking the worse for the wear, and naked. He was still there when I invited the two young men in to talk about their god to me. They stepped over him on their way to the couch -- <My home was like a dark little cold cave> -- and they then flipped on the lamp, while I was making coffee in the kitchen. I rushed out to their screams and trying to run out the door! LOL They were pummelling each other trying to make it through the door. Noticeably, they never bothered me there at that address again..

Contributed by The Giggling Gwyn

A group of us met at Denny's (no comments from the Peanut Gallery -- it's a great place to meet), and we were gathered at our table minding our own business, when a group of teeny-bopper mundanes (whom I presume had come to Denny's after some High School football game) came in and sat down at a nearby table. Since they dress so weird and seldom see very many normal dressers out and about (*arch look* I said, NO comments from the Peanut Gallery!), we were fodder for their conversation and stares. This is always fun since it gives us the opportunity to talk about how bizarre they are within their earshot, and stare back with various looks ranging from scornful, to sweetly evil, to outrageously vampy. It's so strange...they can dish it out, but they aren't used to taking it at all. I do think we spooked the poor things... awww... *wicked giggle* They needed their horizons broadened, anyway.


I commute to and from work on the train. I eventually noticed that there was a guy staring at me constantly. I did not know him...but he did not let that stop him. Each day he would work his way closer and closer to me...occasionally getting off at my stop and following me to my car...but never saying anything. I finally had enough! I have a beautiful set of I waited for this jerk to get close enough to see my mouth clearly, and I flashed him my most dazzling smile. His face froze into the most hilarious expression of I checked around quickly to make sure no one else was looking, and I snarled at him. He turned about 6 different shades of white and almost ran from the car.

Never saw him again! A great set of fangs can be just as effective as a can of mace.

Contributed by Pale Lady

I was at the library the other day. I was outside, minding my own business, smoking a cigarette, and this lady come up to the door to go inside. Mind you, I was just standing there smoking. She looked at me and crossed herself. This tickled me. I just smiled to let her know that I'd seen her do it, put the ciggie out, and followed her inside. :)


When I still lived in California, there were 2 Jehovah's Witnesses that used to come knocking on the door. The funny thing is, they would come back occasionally, even though I had told them "Sorry, I'm not interested." So one morning, when I saw them walking up the steps to my front door through the window, I quickly grabbed my fangs and my sunglasses, popped in the teeth, and casually opened the door as I always did. Once they said their thing (and yes, this time I let them finish their sentences...), I smiled pleasantly (making sure that my nice pointy teeth were showing) and once again stated that I wasn't interested. I think it's safe to say that they never came back to my door... *grin*

So next time they come knocking at your door, just do what I did! It works! ;-)

Contributed by Lady Morgana, Morgana's Lair

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