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Differences between Real Vampires and Mythical/Fictional Vampires

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  • Real vampires are not undead creatures. Real vampires are living humans.
  • Real vampires are not immortal. Real vampires are mortal humans. However, some vampires may believe they have immortal souls, may believe in reincarnation and may have past life memories.
  • Real vampires are not demons. They are humans.
  • Real vampires are not superior to humans. Real vampires are humans with a need to obtain life-force energies from outside sources. They are perhaps different from most humans, but not superior.
  • Religious symbols do not ward off or bother real vampires by simply being held up at them. Beating or hitting a real vampire with said religious symbol may be a different story.
  • Holy water does not affect real vampires other than it gets them wet, and getting them wet might annoy a real vampire.
  • Real vampires in general are not necessarily evil, although some may choose to be. Religious preferences among real vampires will vary by each individual vampire. Some will choose to follow a certain religion, while others will not follow any religion. While some real vampires will choose to be satanic, not at all real vampires are satanic or devil worshippers. Believe it or not, there are even some real vampires that are Christians.
  • Silver does not bother most real vampires. Some are allergic to silver. Others will use silver for its metaphysical properties to control and/or focus shielding and/or feeding techniques.
  • Yes, a real vampire can be killed if one drives a stake through his heart and chop off his head, but so will most regular humans if one does the same to them. Also, real vampires do not turn to dust or rapidly decompose when one kills them. By the way, killing a real vampire is murder, and will result in a person being arrested and put in prison.
  • Real vampires do not change or morph into any other forms, such as wolves, bats, mist, etc.
  • Real vampires do not have superpowers. Some may have heightened senses and abilities, though.
  • Real vampires do not fly, unless they are in some kind of flying device like a plane or helicopter.
  • Real vampires do not burst into flames in sunlight. However, some real vampires are sensitive to sunlight and will sunburn easily. Other real vampires enjoy the sun, and can elementally feed from the sun.
  • Real vampires do not sleep all day and stay up all night. Although many real vampires have nocturnal natures, most also have daytime lives that they must deal with as well. However, most will stay up well into the night and sleep for a couple of hours before resuming their daytime lives.
  • Real vampires do not have to sleep in coffins, and they do not need to have their native soil with them when they sleep. However, real vampires may choose to sleep in a coffin for personal reasons. I understand that they are quite dark and very quiet, allowing for a very peaceful sleep.
  • Real vampires do not "turn", "embrace", "sire" or "change" someone into a vampire. There is no such thing as a vampirism virus, and one can not become a vampire by being bitten or through an exchange of blood. Real vampires are born vampires and may be vampires from birth or they may experience an awakening later in life, usually during their teen years but it can happen later in life. At best, some real vampires may be able to trigger the awakening of a latent vampire, which is often misconstrued as a turning.
  • Real vampires are not bloodthirsty killers. They do not feed on and kill victims. Most real vampires feed from willing donors in safe manners, never risking harm to their donors. Even for real vampires who feed from people that do not realize they are being fed from, although it is considered unethical by most, they will not feed in a manner that causes harm to the person being fed from.
  • Real vampires cast reflections. Some even enjoy looking at their reflections. Some enjoy it too much. Others do not enjoy looking at their reflections. Just like most people.
  • Real vampires do not necessarily dress to look like vampires seen in movies, television, or described in books. Some may do so by choice. Others may choose to look gothic. Others will dress however they want to and wear regular clothes.
  • Real vampires do not have fangs, although some may choose to have their teeth shaped to look like fangs or wear fake fangs. Some people have naturally occurring fangs, but that does not necessarily make them vampires.
  • Real vampires are not able to enthrall a person simply by looking at them. However, some real vampires are able to effectively seduce or charm people using various methods (such as NLP** and hypnosis).
  • Real vampires do not live in fancy mansions in households with other vampires, nor do they live in mausoleums/crypts. However, some real vampires may choose to live with each other as roommates/housemates. Others will form covens, courts, houses, orders, and/or organizations to gather and be with other vampires.
  • Real vampires are not automatically rich, and do not have fancy possessions. Many real vampires have to work regular jobs for a living.
  • The lifestyles of real vampires are not romantic and glamorous like those seen in movies, television or described in books. Many vampires lead regular lives, have families, have to pay rent/mortgages/bills, and deal with everyday things like everyone else.

Again, the above list is not an all-inclusive list, as I may have missed some differences, but those are the ones that I could think of at this time.